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Nowadays many families need oxygen cylinders bd. So they want to know the Oxygen Cylinder Price in Bangladesh and which company provides the best oxygen cylinder. For those families, there is good news! Farazi Home Care provides the best Oxygen Cylinder at a low price. 

Faraji home Care Oxygen Cylinders are some of the fine oxygen cylinders produced. Our buying electricity allows us to feed our D Oxygen Cylinders and Oxygen Cylinders at wholesale expenses. Faraji home care is a great investment with the development of lightweight aluminum oxygen cylinders.

Oxygen Cylinder Bd

Aluminum cylinders are available in a selection of sizes for oxygen providers. Our website will give you the fee for our modern oxygen cylinder. also to be had in metal from Taylor Wharton and a pair of cylinders. but a steel O2 cylinder is heavy enough. We can promote trailer masses of a Luxor Oxygen Cylinder or Luxor Oxygen Cylinder. We provide free transport on a large amount of Oxygen Cylinders. We deliver approximately 1,000,000 pounds. Get metallic 365 days and rock backside rate. name us now and area your order. It is slow and valuable and our rate in the oxygen cylinder marketplace is the lowest.

Compressed Oxygen Gas Cylinder

The air we breathe beneath preferred atmospheric conditions consists of 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen (inclusive of a few hint gases). However, compressed oxygen gasoline is 99.5% natural oxygen. producers expel oxygen from the environment and clearly compress the oxygen gasoline molecules, then fill the aluminum tanks until they attain about 2,200 kilos per square inch (psi) of stress. For comparison, the air strain of a standard sedan vehicle tire is set forty-forty four psi, so the oxygen tanks are under substantial stress.

whilst inflamed oxygen gasoline is launched from a portable oxygen tank, excessive pressure inside the tank forces oxygen outwards. The discharge of stress creates a go with the flow of oxygen muddle that travels to the device to deliver your preferred oxygen (together with the nasal cannula or oxygen masks).

Liquid oxygen Cylinder

Liquid oxygen is likewise 99.five% pure oxygen cylinder, but it is saved in liquid form. when oxygen fuel cools to -297 degrees Fahrenheit (1), liquid oxygen is shaped. as soon as the liquid oxygen comes in touch with the hot temperature, it is converted lower back right into gasoline. While using a liquid oxygen tank, the transformed gasoline, like compressed oxygen fuel, will go with the flow outward via your favored oxygen delivery tool. To prevent involuntary evaporation, liquid oxygen has to be saved in a special tank that acts like a thermos to preserve the liquid cool.

maximum patients are not prescribed liquid oxygen for a brand new diagnosis. Liquid oxygen is commonly unlawful for a brief-time period of use due to the extra system and training required to apply it. However, liquid oxygen continues to be an inexpensive long-time period opportunity because liquid oxygen creates some additional challenges that make it much less desirable for normal use.

Portable oxygen cylinder price and size in Bangladesh

portable oxygen cylinder there are many kinds of price in Bangladesh. It starts from 12000 to 54500 Taka in our stock available. There are exclusive kinds of oxygen cylinders from business to transportable. However, the oxygen concentrator cylinder is through some distance the maximum commonplace.

The "Concentrator" tank is a three-foot-long aluminum tank that weighs about 8 kilos and carries anywhere from 2,2 hundred-23,000 psi of compressed oxygen gas, depending on the producer. If used continuously at 2 liters inline per minute, an “E” tank will ultimately last for about five-6 hours. despite the fact that the “ concentration" tank is still taken into consideration portable, it's miles too lengthy to carry appropriately over long distances, so it typically consists of a cart.

There are different cylinders which include behemoth "H" tanks (which aren't portable), or smaller ones just like the "C" and "D" tanks. Despite the fact that the "C" and "D" tanks deliver a mild and convenient carrier bag in weight, their overall ability to maintain compressed oxygen is low, which means that the tank as an entire has less oxygen.

So even as the “concentrator” cylinder is less portable than the “C” or “D” tank and requires a cart to tour, the high capacity of stored oxygen makes it the maximum balanced option for brief-time use.

When to exchange your Oxygen cylinder

test your pressure gauge regularly to make certain you no longer run out of oxygen. usually test the gauge whilst the valve is on. I was given the needle At the lowest of the crimson section of the gauge, it's far away while changing the cylinder consider to exchange. The cylinder earlier than the needle is going under 200cc. it's critical to have an adequate supply of Cylinders in your house in case of emergency. Interment will provide home care and hospice last 1 month along with your adequate oxygen cylinder. call to reserve greater cylinders while you get your supply Down cylinders or about 20% of the amount obtained in your first shipping. 

For your safety 

it's far vital to understand that oxygen can be risky if no longer used properly. Produces oxygen things burn extra easily and it could even explode. Following those protection hints will help lessen ability risks. See the manufacturer's internet site for more data about your equipment.

  • Use publish the sign of oxygen use in your Oxygen kit where visitors can see it.
  • Keep your oxygen tanks (cylinders) away from All heat sources, including radiators, heat ducts, Stoves, fireplaces, fits, and lighters.
  • Do now not permit open flames, sparks or flames Tobacco inside the room wherein oxygen is getting used.
  • Use the handiest as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Whilst the use of Oxygen, do not use:

- Aerosols which include hair sprays or paints

- Oil-based face cream or lotion on your nostril or face

- Petroleum primarily based merchandise like Vaseline

  • Hold the cylinder you are using in the stand or cart.
  • Save the more cylinders next to them. Block them in order that they don’t roll around. If the valve is posted to damage a cylinder, it can be enough to cause harm to whatever in its direction.

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