Hand temperature measurement with sanitizer dispenser ৳8500 ৳10500
Medicine trolley Medium ৳6000 ৳6250
Medicine trolley  large ৳7520 ৳7950
Micropore ৳350 ৳400
Medical Regulator ৳1250 ৳1300
Oxygen Service ৳80 ৳90
Central Oxygen Flow Meter ৳1820 ৳1950
Medicine Crushers ৳450 ৳480
Hot Water Bag ৳450 ৳500
Ambu Bag ৳5 ৳20
Bed Pan ৳20 ৳150
Medical Kidney Tray ৳35 ৳40
Comfort examination gloves ৳450 ৳480
General Artery Forceps ৳730 ৳750
Dolphin Massager ৳1550 ৳1630
Cotton Roll ৳240 ৳250
Air Cushion ৳550 ৳610
Six Channel ECG machine ৳45990 ৳46000
Infrared Light Therapy ৳4500 ৳5000
digital Infrared Thermometer gun ৳1500 ৳1750
Infrared Thermometer ৳1350 ৳1500
Steam Inhaler ৳2250 ৳2500
Bipup Machine ৳63500 ৳65000
Dispoable Under pad ৳600 ৳620
high back commode Wheel Chair ৳15500 ৳15500
folding Paitent Stracher ৳4520 ৳5000
Paitent Stracher ৳3000 ৳3250
Folding Stracher ৳3500 ৳4000
Oxygen ৳12000 ৳12000
Best Quality ৳60000 ৳620000
Best Quality ৳58990 ৳80000
Best Quality ৳40000 ৳42000
Medical Oxygen Cylinder ৳12500 ৳16500
ecg machine sell in dhaka bd ৳46000 ৳50000
Flexible Hose Pipe Connect with CPAP & Breathing CPAP Mask Apparatus Sell in Dhaka BD ৳1600 ৳2000
Contec Pocket Fetal Doppler Sonoline Sell in Dhaka BD ৳5500 ৳6000
Multi-function Floor Scrubbing Machine Sell In Dhaka BD ৳40000 ৳45000
Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Sell In Dhaka BD ৳40000 ৳42000
Patient Bed Price In Dhaka Bangladesg ৳30000 ৳34000
Automic Nebulizer Machine Sell in Dhaka Bangladesh ৳1600 ৳1800


Selecting Nursing Take Care As your e-commerce associate, you choose a crew of 10 years of industry knowledge and e-commerce service provider lovers. The mixture of experience and new ideas allows us to collaborate maximum efficiently with our customers - guiding them closer to a prevailing commercial enterprise strategy, enforcing uncompromising high-quality answers, and taking their commercial enterprise to new heights. with the aid of imparting a wide set of e-commerce services, we secure the possibility of stepping into cooperation at any stage of the commercial enterprise lifestyle cycle.

Without long-term e-commerce service for your outdoor products, your long-term success will be called into question. This is not a summary, it goes beyond what you want to do. The number of manufacturers selling directly to consumers is expected to increase by 71% this year, meaning that 2 out of 5 will sell directly to consumers by the end of 2020.

Although you may have “Amazon” in your brain, according to the Astound Commerce Insights “Global Brand Shop Survey”, more than half (55 percent) of shoppers prefer to shop with brand manufacturers and retailers directly. A few years ago there was controversy over how the outdoor industry could avoid “street fights” with their retailers over their direct e-commerce strategy. Now you must use an ecommerce ecosystem strategy that supports your retailer partners while allowing your products to sell the way customers want to buy.

How is e-commerce different from traditional commerce?

It is an important way to differentiate itself from traditional trade and bodily retail as it gives humans admission to products and services without being sure by using physical regions. This means clients don’t have to worry about lengthy traces or how they get to or from the store. They shouldn't pass everywhere. every person has access to it, so long as they have a web connection. This handiest offers them access to a wide variety of companies at the same time as being limited to their bodily location.

What are the biggest benefits of e-commerce?

It relies upon what the service provider wants to reap, but similarly to being unfastened from the physical constraints of the conventional exchange, there are a few things that make e-trade in particular appealing.

One is the capacity to invent new business models, for instance, the subscription business. think of examples like birch box or birch box. those have now not surely possible without e-trade. And now not that they're delivering a new sort of product that hasn't been determined before. This is due to the fact e-commerce allows direct patron interaction, which changed into no longer the case before.

Earlier than e-trade, manufacturers had been selling to outlets, and shops have been promoting to end clients. E-trade enables manufacturers and producers to sell at once to clients. we've visible fulfillment for distinctive kinds of corporations because they're able to create very unique merchandise for very unique markets. You must not fear approximately how you're distributing it. you're talking to people you are looking to promote to. E-commerce allows it in such a manner that it does not now retail the traditional.

you'll be capable of scale your commercial enterprise tons greater without difficulty than with physical outlets due to the fact you aren't constrained via bodily constraints like save inventory space. You should not worry approximately how many rooms are within the shop because there is nobody in the back of the store. you have a warehouse that has a constrained unlimited inventory to deliver as your commercial enterprise grows. Of direction, there may be greater complications to address as you can need extra warehousing or additional logistical alternatives. However, you are not adding greater physical positions and these. This reduces the price of going for walks and running the commercial enterprise.

It also opens the door that allows you to extend globally. In place of disturbing approximately how you will open a store place in Asia or Europe, your fundamental situation can be whether or not you may ship to one's places.

Best e-Commerce Services in Bangladesh By Farazy Home Care

Take benefit from our low-cost e-commerce improvement offerings. Our services enable you to promote without delay on your clients around the arena via your brand save and market. Faraji home Care will enable you to showcase your complete product variety for your own and on other e-trade websites.

At Faraji home Care Consulting, we enable startups, brands, and outlets to start selling their products at once to purchasers online. we've created a completely unique e-commerce provider ecosystem. Our environment permits manufacturers/shops to promote online.

logo Faraji domestic Care Loom advice will help you create, manipulate, and switch the eCommerce commercial enterprise Module. We offer a wide range of e-commerce web development services.

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